The Saint John’s Legacy Foundation came into existence a few years after the St. John’s school in Alberta (established in 1968) closed in the summer of 2008. Other St. John’s schools had existed separately in Manitoba and Ontario but had both closed by 1990.

The Alberta school property was sold to Mother Earth’s Children’s Charter School and along with some other assets, it was decided by the board of the school to transfer the funds to the newly created independent Saint John’s Legacy Foundation that had its own charitable number and board of trustees. It was agreed that the focus would remain on education through grants and scholarships as well as supporting Christian charities.


In 2012, the Legacy Foundation made its first grants to a variety of organizations that operated within Alberta, other parts of Canada and internationally.
The Legacy Foundation also awarded scholarships to students already in post-secondary studies based on academic performance but also involved in a variety of extracurricular activities and participation in an active life style. Students in those first years demonstrated to the Legacy that there are many young adults who are intelligent, active and ready to contribute in a positive way to the wider community.

The Legacy was requested to recognize key people through scholarship names from the St. John’s movement including:

  • The Frank Wiens Scholarship – one of the founders of St. John’s in Manitoba.
  • The Father Sargeant Scholarship – a teacher and chaplain in Alberta.
  • The David Thompson Scholarship – the first headmaster of Saint John’s in Alberta.
  • Dynevor Scholarship – named after the Manitoba property location of St. John’s.
  • The St. John’s Ontario Scholarship – set up by those associated with the Ontario school.
  • The Phyllis Kayser Scholarship – established by a large bequest from a supporter in Alberta.
  • The Hole Family Scholarship – established by Ralph and Ada Hole for scholarships.
  • The David Neelands Scholarship – the third headmaster of the Alberta school.
  • The Genesee Scholarship – named after the property area of the Alberta School.